Namaste : To greet when we meet and when we take leave by two folded hands

Punctuality : All our events including assembly begins at the scheduled time. Must have ID cards on them or $5 fine will be imposed

Attire :

  • Shirts / T Shirts
  • Kurta Pyjama
  • Jeans
  • Shorts are strictly not allowed!
  • Shoes should always be kept away from Havan or Prayer area. They must be placed in a line.

Back-Pack: Back-Pack is a bag of books and notebooks, pens, pencils and all the reading and writing material.

Havan : Vedic Prayers for the welfare of the whole world. We all should observe absolute silence before, during and after the Havan. Participants should sit straight, with eyes closed and in meditative position.

Seating Arrangement: Always sit in an allotted place for your class and with your NS teacher. When the Havan is over quietly go to your class with your teacher.

Prasaad : Receive it with respect and consume it with special regard. Take it the amount that you can eat.

In the Classroom : Be attentive. It's likely that the matter covered in the class is not available anywhere. Cellphones must be switched off. Indiscipline will not be tolerated and only 3 warnings shall be given prior to rustication.

Aarati: Aarati is final prayer at DAV SANSKRITI SCHOOL. Keep your bags aside and never step on them. For Aarati we must be quiet and try to stand in lines. Before Aarati some announcement is made. During Aarati join your hands, close your eyes and try to be in the spirit of devotion.

Respect for Parents : Parents are next to God. So they must always be respected.

Respect for Teachers : Teachers are giving spiritual knowledge. They must be well respected.

DAV Family : Ours is DAV family. Those learning and teaching in this family are brothers and sisters. All boys and girls studying in one class and school are brothers and sisters.

Come to Learn and Serve : We all come here to learn. But we must also have a spirit to serve. Help arrange Havan. Help to clean after the Havan. If something is wrong somewhere try to correct it or report to the teachers. Remember blessed are those who serve. DAV Sanskriti School is our school and we must keep it neat, clean and tidy