"Shraddham..yajmaanaaupaasate..vindatevasu" Shraddha brings prosperity to yajmaans. Rig //10/151/4//

"..AhamvrishtimDaashushe" To the donors, I provide abundantly- Rig Ved //4/26/2//

Being Yajman & Volunteer is the adopted working model for practical applications of Shraddhaa & Seva tenets at DAVSS/ASGH.

The objective is to create a mindset, in students & parents, a mindset which is conducive to proper, continuous and all-round development of children.

  • The model requires active involvement of parents in mentoring DAVSS students at home.
  • It empowers parents to lead their children in cultivating high morals & ethics.
  • The S&S provides mechanism and enables parents to be active role models for their children.
  • The principle behind the 'Shraddhaa & Seva' is to create an ideal environment for children at their homes according to their leanings at DAV Sanskriti School.
  • The S&S provide continuation of learning and application of Vedic tenets for both- the parents & students.
  • It initiates team-work between parents, students and DAVS School in mentoring the children.




DAVSS parents as Yajmaans at Satsang in Main Hall and as Volunteers


  • Bringing children closer to their parents Guiding principle: "Family that prays together, eats together and serves together, stays together"
  • To ingrain Shraddha & Seva in our students' minds Shraddha & Seva are the basic tenets of Hinduism Shraddha - Devotion to God, Faith in Vedic Dharma & Vedic values Seva - Serving society and humanity at large

Why do it?

  • Being Yajmaan involves Jnaan, Karma & Upasanaa, the three necessary modes to be near God and to induct Shraddhaa & Seva in oneself and one's child.
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    True Knowledge creates Shraddhaa. Knowing about God & Dharma (the way to live righteously), Learning Vedas (our canonical scriptures) and other scriptures through pravachan (lecture), an integral part of satsang every week.

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    Seva (selfless service to society) i.e. to serve others beyond ours & our families' self-interest, such as serving food at ASGH, cleaning etc. Selfless service diminishes ego, thus bringing one near to God.

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    Being with God through Meditation.

  • It connects our future generation with Hindus and Indian society at large.
  • Parents play an important part as role models for their children doing seva (service).
  • It enables parents to learn and guide their children about Vedic Dharma. Parents are urged to join satsang during school hours to learn about Sanaatan Dharma, enabling themseves to be knowledgeable guides in their children's lives, thus rising to a respectful/higher stature in their children's mind, and inducing sincerity in them.
  • Eating prasaad together and serving together for selfless causes creates fellowship. A coordinated prasaad (lunch) is for all - students, parents & everyone throughout the year.


  • DAVSS parents must become Yajmaan at least once a year at Satsang in Main Hall to celebrate their child's birthday (suggested date - around their child's birthday or on other family occassions). It makes children realize parents' feelings for them and gets them involved in seva. Parents are welcome to become yajmaan on more than one occasion to celebrate other important occasions in their lives besides children's birthdays, such as marriage anniversary, their parents' birthdays etc.
  • Arya Samaj provides and arranges food for Rishi-Langar on behalf of Yajmaan. A (min) suggested donation of $351.00 by each yajmaan is recommended. The amount barely covers the food costs for the day and does not suffice to cover other expenses incurred by Arya Samaj. For details - Please visit ASGH site – www.aryasamajhouston.orgThis donation is currently suspended till Arya Samaj returns back to in-person services.
  • DAVSS Parents undertake any 'Seva' (service) from a list of volunteer activities.