*Overview / Current Class Schedule (US Central Time)

Schedule 09:45 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:35 10:40 - 11:15 11:20 - 11:55 11:55 - 12:00
Grade/Period Morning Assembly Naitik Shiksha (Moral Education) Hindi Elective (Choose One) Vedic Message for the week and Aarti
Vedic Havan Training Classroom
Pre-Sanskriti, KG, Grade 1 Recital of Gayatri Mantra and Eeshwar Stuti Praarthana Upasana Mantras  1st Sunday of Month Classes by grades. Classes by age group Classroom activities All
Grades 2 & 3 2nd Sunday of Month Vedic Bhajan / Vocal Music, Tabla, Hindi R&W, Dancercise, Yogasan, Practical Science (Grade 4 and below) Vedic Chanting & Vedic Maths (Note: Vedic Maths for 5th grade onward & are subject to min. class size)
Grades 4 & 5 3rd Sunday of Month
Big Brothers and Big Sisters (Grade 6, 7 and above) 4th Sunday of Month
Prefects (Grade 8 and above) 5th (or 4th) Sunday of Month
AYM (Grades 9 -12) Every alternate Sunday of  the month Leadership Skills session in place of Hindi Practicing Leadership session in place of electives

*Last Date to finalize Electives is Sep 25th 2022

  • Yajnya / Havan: Vedic Havan training for students every Sunday (suspended till school resumes in-person classes)
  • Naitik Shiksha: Strong spiritual and value based education with a rational basis, void of superstitions
  • Hindi Conversation – Focused on retaining a Hindi speaking and listening comprehension ability – language provides the medium of cultural and spiritual connectivity to our Indian and Vedic heritage.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Readathon
    • Lohri
    • Holi
    • Shravani Parv - Teachers and Volunteers workshop
    • Deepavali 
    • Celebration of Learning
  • Electives (Please note that material for all electives needs to be purchased by parents separately. This is not covered in the DAVSS school fee. Please contact the respective teachers for details)
    • Yogasan
    • Tabla
    • Dancercise
    • Hindi Reading and Writting
    • Vedic Bhajan / Vocal Music
    • Vedic Math (Grade 5 and above)
    • Practical Science (Grade 4 and below)
  • Contests
      • World Hindi Diwas with Consulate General of India
      • Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Month in February
      • Celebration of Learning

Adult Vedic Education

These classes are typically paid classes but are being made available to the teachers and volunteers free of cost to encourage them to learn about our values for further development of our kids. Please contact Sanjay Sood ji for more details

  • Period I: 10:45 - 11:20: Spiritual Principles Simplified [reading and discussion on 'As Simple As It Gets'
  • Period II: 11:20 - 11:55: Sanatana Dharma Principles and Patanjali Meditation


"Readathon enriches the mind and warms the heart"

A very noble way to experience charity and giving Students set goals to read books

  • They take pledges for reading books
  • Donors commit lump sum or based on
    • Number of books
    • Number of pages read
  • They read books and keep a reading log
  • Collect funds and submit log with the funds

A record number of children at DAV Sanskriti School Houston have year after year shown their compassion with Readathon and matching fund donors raised the bar of their spirits

  • 2007: Donated $9000 including matching of $4500 by Ashutosh / Minu Garg ji
  • 2008: Donated $12,000 including matching $4000 each by Vinod / Vinita Arora ji and Ashutosh / Minu Garg ji
  • 2009: Donated $10,909 including matching by Milind / Bharati Patil ji and ASGH management committee
  • 2010: Donated $12700 including matching of $3100 each by Renu / Sanjay Jain and Vibha / Dinesh Agrawal
  • 2011: Donated $22600 including matching of $11,800
  • 2012: Donated $22000 including matching of $12,000
  • 2013: Donated $12000 including matching of $4,200
  • 2014: Donated $14,600 including matching of $6,000
  • 2015: Donated $12,671 including matching of $6,410
  • 2016: Donated $16,640 including matching of $2,700

Readathon Track Record

Objective, Purpose & Introduction :

  • Read - a - thon is an Annual Event at DAV Sanskriti School of Arya Samaj Greater Houston.
  • A channel for raising funds for social causes, it creates not only empathy amongst children's impressionable minds and tender hearts but also builds a lasting social compass in these young children.
  • Currently, DAVSS student collect funds for Jeevan Prabhat.
  • Jeevan Prabhat is a permanent shelter for the underprivileged, and orphan children who became orphans during the devastating earthquake of 26 - 1 - 2001 in Gujarat (India) and the Tsunami of 26th December 2004.
  • The name - Jeevan Prabhat signifies a new dawn in the lives of the earthquake - affected children and widows.
  • Jeevan Prabhat's objective is to provide care for underprivileged children – a care that is just like how you would care for your own children. This includes housing, nutritious food and best of education for these children. Jeevan Prabhat currently has 2 locations – Gandhidham and Pondicherry. Gandidham location was founded in 2001 after a major earthquake hit the Indian state of Gujarat. The Pondicherry location was founded after "Boxer day Tsunami" – a catastrophic event of global proportions that hit Indian Ocean in 2005. DAVSS donations support Pondicherry where a child care facility was constructed last year at a cost of $400,000 - all raised through donations.


    • Read - a - thon event is kicked off in early December to last during winter vacation until Rishi - Bodhotsav / Maha Shiv - Ratri in February / March.
    • Students & Parents are acquainted with cause of Jeevan Prabhat for "giving & sharing" with children of Jeevan Prabhat.
    • Parents are involved in the process to inspire a zest for reading in their children and to support their collection.
    • Students get commitment from family, friends and neighbors to pledge money for reading.
    • The pledges are in the form of dollar contributions for number of books or number of pages read by the children, etc.
    • In support of the Read - a - thon, DAVSS lends out precious collection books through its library – books about the great men and women and stories from the Indian history.
    • Students decide to read the books of their choice.
    • The children have about 3 months to read books and collect pledges against the same from families and friends.
    • More books they read, more they collect.
    • More people they ask for commitment, the same page / book fetches more money to their fund collection.
    • Pledge commitments can be simple - From pennies a page or Number of dollars a book.
    • Traditionally, DAVSS Parent - Sponsors match funds that are collected by students.
    • Since 2009 Hindi Book Reading has been initiated and Hindi Book readers receive additional personal sponsorship from DAVSS's Acharya Praveen ji.
    • For their efforts and additional reading, children receive trophies and are recognized on Rishi Bodhotsav / Maha Shiv - Ratri Day at ASGH Main Hall.
    • Six Trophies are awarded in two categories to:
      • Highest readers (Maximum pages)
      • Maximum Fund collectors
Download Readathon Form