Welcome to the DAV​ S​anskriti S​chool​ website. We are a team of 70+ dedicated volunteers to ensure that every child grows to maintain the leading edge position that has become the hallmark of the Indian-American community. Arya Samaj of Greater Houston conducts a highly popular DAV Sanskriti School every Sunday from 9:30 am – 12:00 noon. The school aims to enhance Indian-American children’s understanding and appreciation of their ancient and great Indian and Hindu heritage. The school firmly believes that by instilling pride in their Indian roots, the children will grow up to be well-balanced and better human beings.

The school had a humble beginning in a single classroom with a handful of children. With the hard work and dedication of its volunteer teachers and administrators, the school has grown to its present size of over 200 children and more than​ ​50 teachers. To accommodate the growing school, the Arya Samaj has constructed schoolhouse within its premises. It’s a delight to watch the fresh faced and eager children arrive every Sunday morning at the school in bright Indian and American outfits practicing their Hindi.

The school offers classes for children, from 5 to 17+ years, in Hindi, Indian Music, Tabla, Yoga, Dance, Vedic math, Public speaking, Indian History and Naitik Shiksha (Moral Science) based on Vedic /Hindu philosophy and thought. In addition to the​ ​classroom activities, the children participate in skits,​ ​musical programs​ ​and contests related to Vedic mantras, Prayers​, ​Moral Values ​etc. ​during the many functions held at the Arya Samaj.​ Every classroom​ is equipped with multimedia projection ​and surrounded with a peaceful environment. There is an opportunity every Sunday for a child to speak in the adult assembly which makes them very confident.​ ​The school also holds overnight and day camps during school vacations. The varied activities organized at these camps, including guest speakers, field trips, cook-outs and sleep-overs, have made them immensely popular with the children and their parents.​

Asked what makes the volunteers devote so much of their energy and time towards the school, a teacher said "the gratitude that the outgoing seniors express at the graduation ceremony every May, for the knowledge gained and friendships developed keeps me coming back every year to teach more kids".

In continuing learning the beautiful colors of life from morning prayer to worship and gathering positive energy to sit together during lunch time and sharing family and friends time... DAV SANSKRITI SCHOOL CAMPUS IS THAT one place where in a day every week we cultivate moral values in our children​​. ​We look forward to traversing the exciting beautiful journey together with you and your child to empower the child with the positive values, both American and Indian. Please make best use of this opportunity and enroll your kids as early as possible for the next academic year. You ​are welcome​ to the school any Sunday​​.

- Director DAVSS