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DAVSS enrollments for 2024-2025 are now open. Please click here to register.

Some highlights of our school are as follows:

  • Our own specially developed Naitik Shiksha Books for all the different age groups.
  • Structured books and syllabus for each grade for each subject.
  • Special electives being introduced to enhance your child's potential creativity, without any extra fee.
  • Special Electives (6 weeks' batches) will be available without any extra fees from 12:30 - 1:30 pm.
  • Special sessions for Vedic Philosophy and Meditation available for the teachers and staff by Acharya Dr. Harishchandra ji 'VedRatna' during the school hours.
  • Additional opportunity of Public Speaking for students.
  • Enhanced security measures are implemented to provide your child a more secure atmosphere.
  • Multi-classroom central A/V system installed.
  • Classrooms equipped with multi media projectors / smart TVs.
  • Teachers and volunteers trained in CPR
  • Equal opportunity for every child to perform and showcase in public without any extra fee.
  • Children and the whole family witness the traditional way of celebrating Indian festivals in a very authentic and rich manner and to be part of an extended family out of India.
  • Amazing opportunity for parents and families to learn and perform on Indian festivals and special events.
  • Children will be more engaged in project based learning of Naitik Shiksha and Hindi Conversation and to display throughout the year.
  • 7 and 8th grade children will be engaged in more to play leadership role of responsibilities and role model for younger classes.
  • 'Prefect' opportunity for the 13 to 18 years students in the school where 14+ students can earn credit hours while learning and teaching/volunteering on the same time.
  • A special counselling service available by appointment with regard to the children if they have any issue. Anything parents / children will share will remain confidential between you and counselors.


DAV Sanskriti School is committed to bring East and West together with their best. As our children grow in the wonderful land of opportunities in the USA, we ascertain that they pick up the time tested ancient Indian values so that they maintain a high moral ground based on Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha – desisting from hurting, telling falsehood, stealing/cheating, lust and hoarding – the five elements of Yama in Patanjali's Yoga-Darshanam. Also, they inherit strong family bonding that they pass on the value of united family to their next generation – sarvebhavantusukhinah. They inspire their minds and actions from the Supreme Consciousness – Dhiyoyo nah prachodayat. They will learn to be proud of themselves with a healthy body in a strong and calm mind.


How the DAV Sanskriti School helps in making a good human being:

Strong and Healthy Body: We have a body. We eat food and drink water for the body. Our body should be strong so that we can play well and for long. But strength is not enough, it should be in good health too. We should not fall sick. Health and strength of our body is the first requirement to be a good human being.

Intelligent and Cool Mind: We may be weaker than big animals like horse, camel, elephant, etc. in body but our mind is more powerful than any animal's. To be a good human, our mind should be intelligent. But it does not help if we get angry even if we are intelligent. Nobody pays attention to an angry person. Be Cool, too.

Morality: Well, I have a strong and healthy body with an intelligent and cool mind then I should be a good human being. Yes, I am a fantastic person but only as an individual. But I live in a family and interact with my friends and so many others. If I speak lies then I will lose others' trust; I must be honest and truthful. If I bully or hit then it hurts; I must be friendly and kind to others including animals and birds as they too feel the pain.

Does it now make us a good human being? Well, it almost does. We can think of a person with all the above qualities but not believing in God. There is still room for some development. Let us understand by looking at a family with two kids. They have developed with a strong and healthy body; an intelligent and cool mind and live by the moral conduct. They don't fight and keep their things clean and tidy. But do they love and respect their parents? If they don't hug their parents at least once a day then there is something missing.

Spiritual Growth: As kids grow, they need to connect to God - the mother and father of all - not to submit a list of things they want as no parent will be happy to see a child connecting to them only in need. It should be out of pure love and gratitude for so much that we receive from Her every moment. That connection will empower kids with subtle inner strength, power and energy that they will be able to face every circumstances in the future with a sense of confidence and determination. That comes by knowing the true spiritual principles of the eternal entities of God, Soul and Matter following a rational and logical approach.

Cultural Bonding: Besides the subtle spiritual science in the Naitik Shiksha classes, Sanskriti School gives them the cultural moorings via Hindi conversation, Indian instrumental music including Tabla, Vedic Math, public speaking, Yoga, music and dance. They participate in a number of cultural events and contests. They must learn the beautiful culture that has three (and not just one!) unique features: 1) Indian civilization is the only ancient civilization that survives, 2) only one country bears its name among the oceans, the Indian Ocean and 3) the only culture that celebrates the brother-sister pure love!

Be a Part of the Sanskriti School: Under the care of 80+ teachers and volunteers, every child of the Sanskriti School is destined to become a good human being!

- Director DAVSS

Underlying Guidelines From Vedic Scriptures Are Followed

  • Mission

    To connect children to the Universal Living Values of Sanatan Dharma, and live life as real “humane” human beings as per the authentic wisdom of the Vedas.

  • Objectives

    To impart Vedic values to students (age 3 – 18 years), mentoring them with a holistic approach to develop their optimum physical, mental-moral-spiritual, academical & emotional potential and provide the linguistic and cultural connectivity to the Vedic Heritage in a playful learning environment.

Arya Yuva Mandal (AYM)


AYM youth interact closely with their peers, while reaffirming the Arya Sanskars. AYM activities include participation in Havan and various cultural programs such as Diwali, Holi, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Janmashthami, and Arya MahaSammelan, which boosts their appreciation of Indian customs and celebrations and enhances their understanding of Vedic culture and philosophy. At the same time, AYM engages with local community by participating in activities like ILEAD, Thanks giving Meals on Wheels as well as open dialogue sessions with youth from other religions. AYM fundraising activities include planning and organizing events such as Diwali Raffle and Spring Car Wash. AYM features an Annual Family Campout with and includes lots of fun, adventure and learning.



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