DAVSS listened to the needs of the concerned parents and went into overdrive to prepare for its first-ever online offering of the summer camp. Even before the current school year 2019-20 came to an end on Sunday 24th May, the Sunday School of Arya Samaj Houston - the DAV Sanskriti School - decided to organize its Online Summer Camp. Its Director Acharyaa (Dr.) Kavita Vachaknavee describes the salient features as: age 5-15, Monday to Friday one hour each 4-5 pm, June 22 to July 24, devoted to one subject each and even some options on certain days, and two age groups for certain subjects.

It sure sounds interesting for the children and their parents. We asked for the experience of an 8th grader Soumil Goyal having attended the Sanskriti School for 5 straight years with his younger brother Dhruv. He shared his experience as: "My experience at the Sanskriti School Houston has been wonderful. As a student, I feel that the whole campus brings an inquisitive mindset to the student and I find it great for fostering learning. My favorite activities in Sanskriti School are the electives and the celebrations. The electives give my classmates and me the perfect time to have fun, learn and socialize all at the same time and the ability to choose the subject makes it the best time I look forward to every Sunday. On top of this, the celebrations that DAVSS hosts such as Diwali or Holi are too fun to miss. It is the perfect time to get the whole family together and have lots of fun while experiencing the fascinating world of our culture.“

Ritcha Upadhyay, herself a regular school teacher, has been a selfless volunteer and teacher for the last three years since she moved to Houston with her two sons enrolled in the Sanskriti School. She has become a part of the Sanskriti School so much that she became one of the core members planning the Online Summer Camp. She shares her perspective as: "The best schools run through serving leadership. They set a clear vision, have the experience to execute the vision, keep high standards, groom future leaders, and lead through example. It's the village where we support one another, gives a great family vibe! Acharyaa Kavita Vachaknavee maintains a tradition of meeting new families before enrollment. She exudes warmth and sincerity. I am a volunteer / teacher at the school. The children learn adeptly through continual storytelling of important figures. Acharya Harish Chandra guides Patanjali Meditation sessions that are most authentic, comprehensive, and efficient for both children and adults. We have been on Online learning mode since March and the number of students participating has only spiked!"

Encouraged with such positive feedback from the children and their parents, volunteers, and teachers, the Sanskriti School lost no time and moved online as soon as the local authorities declared the Stay Home Work Safe approach early March. The last two months or so, the Sanskriti School functioned every Sunday online and was a great success. It was but natural to continue to support the children and their parents in the coming summer weeks. It is an excellent opportunity to connect your children and grandchildren to Indian rich cultural heritage. Enrollment for the Online Summer Camp as well as the next year 2020-21 is now open. Please click here for the registration link. For more details, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 832-874-3376

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